Introducing Familiar – turn your computer into a social picture frame!


I'm excited to announce the launch of Familiar. It’s just before the holidays and we think Familiar is the perfect gift.  Familiar turns your computer into a digital picture frame, programmed by your closest friends and family. Familiar brings photos directly to your screen, blending elements of the picture frame and slideshow to personalize your screen with life’s cherished moments. Mom and Dad, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters can all get connected on Familiar so their screensaver is personalized with the best family photos.  

Let me give a little background on why we set out on this adventure in the first place. I am married with two kids, ages 2 and 4. Sharing memories with my extended family is pretty challenging today. My wife and I take lots of pictures and video, and we keep track of all the fun things our kids say with private Twitter accounts. The challenge comes when helping my Mom, Sister, Brother, and in-laws to share in these memories too. Some use Facebook, others email, and we’ve used Dropbox too. In the end those memories get lost in email or stuck on the web. On top of that we don't really like sharing photos of the kids on the web.

We felt there must be a better way. Many families have a connected computer in their home, office and maybe even on the kitchen counter. Wouldn't it be great if that computer became a picture frame when it’s not being used?  Imagine your mom, sister or brother walking by and seeing your best travel photos or photos from today’s trip to the zoo. My Mom would be thrilled to be cooking dinner and have new photos of her grandkids simply show up on her screen. Familiar is about getting your best photos seen by the people you care about the most.

By connecting the screens of your family, we think you'll feel more connected to your family and friends, all by simply bringing their photos right to your screen. Expect to see many more updates from us as we continue to add cool new features and support more connected devices in your home.

We hope you like it and look forward to your feedback. Check it out today!

Marcus & The Familiar Team

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