200m and counting… desktop wallpaper and more

As families come together for the season, photos become an imperative part of gatherings and reunions. We’re thrilled that Familiar is helping loved ones capture and share these special moments. It’s with pride and excitement that we’re announcing two company developments during this season.

First, starting today, Familiar allows users to send photos directly from a smartphone to the desktop or android wallpaper of a loved one.

Picture a scenario on Christmas morning: The kids are tearing open presents from Nana. Though Nana can’t be with the family during the holidays, she’s able to see on her wallpaper – in real time – a photo of the kids’ excitement over their presents – all before the wrapping paper is cleaned up.

Photos display immediately upon accepting an invitation, and subsequent photos are displayed instantly. You can even send to the wallpaper of multiple family members at once, and they’ll all be set simultaneously.*

That means you can update the wallpaper on Grandma’s desktop or Uncle Ron’s tablet just by uploading an image.

Of course, Familiar still lets you share photos as screensavers and in the photo wallet. But sharing on wallpapers just gives families one more way to experience memories together. This new feature continues to deliver on our promise to turn any device into a social picture frame.

Second, thanks to our users, Familiar has hit a major milestone.

As of November 2012, we’ve displayed more than 200 million photos since our launch in November 2011.


In September, we posted a graph showing our monthly photos displayed so far this year. The August number, the biggest of the year, was more than 20 million.

In November, it was 47 million.

As our numbers continue to grow, we’re reminded of how many families Familiar is helping stay connected.

In fact, the size of an average family on Familiar is 6.2 people.  That means about 6 people make up an average Familiar family.

These are strongly connected family-tree relationships:  parents, kids, in-laws, grandparents.  No doubt about it, it’s a big number.

As we put a wrap on our first full year, we thank you for your support, and we ask you to help us reach our goal of displaying over a billion photos next year. Your photos. Of family, friends, special moments.

Thank you for making Familiar part of your holidays. We wish you many shareable, happy memories.


CEO & Co-founder, Familiar

*Non-iOS devices only.

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